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You know why you came to this website in the first place, Now dont be hesitant to make the move. Buy it!

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We know how it feels when your skin is acting up. Even make up won't do the trick, going out is uncomfortable because youre embarrased. This is why our produts were created!

Shea Luxury Hair-Butter 50g

MnC Group

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Shea Luxury Hair-Butter 50g

ZAR 92.00

Helps you stay hygienic, remove bacteria without striping away the moisture your hands need

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 5.0 stars
Product Reviews

Hi, I would like to thank you for a product that does what you say it does. I came across your product on instagram and I ordered it thinking it I'll be a another crappy product. but I was pleasantly surprised. Your hair butter actually makes hair soft and helps take out the knots and smells like heaven. They also give lip balm for free!

Posted by Thobile Nkwana | Rating:

You definitely have a long term client in me for as long as you don't change the formula. keep up the great product

Posted by Octavia Mabena | Rating:

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